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As the foreign organism cannot build a membrane, it will break up and eventually die.
Cefrom has proven its effectiveness in numerous cases of bacterial infections from all over the world.
Cefrom is a potential remedy for some of the most severe bacterial infections in the world.
Cefrom is a quite popular antibiotic that belongs to a special class of medical products: cephalosporins.
Such medications are able to effectively kill the harmful bacteria by interfering with its ability to form cell walls.
This medicine is very effective, especially if it is administered as an infusion or an injection.

Physicians now prescribe it with confidence in the treatment of patients who are suffering from any of the following medical disorders:
- Any type of skin infections;
- Lower respiratory tract infection (the disorder affects the patient's airways and / or lungs);
- Pyelonephritis (kidney infection);
- Septicaemia (an infection that affects the patient's tissues and / or blood);
- Urinary tract infections;
- Wound infections;


Extra precautions ought to betaken into consideration in the care of individuals who are suffering from kidney disorders.
For example, children younger than 12 are generally not recommended a prophylaxis with this product.
For example, individuals who are allergic to any of this drug's active ingredients (ask your pharmacist to give you a list with all the components of this medicine) inherited blood disorders, mental health conditions, and so on must not use Cefrom under any circumstances.
However, this drug's (Cefrom's) components are known to be able to pass into the patient's breast milk.
If a patient who is following a treatment trial with Cefrom starts to develop the symptoms of an Allergic Reaction, he or she should immediately stop their intake of this medicine and seek further medical assistance. You might be in need of emergency medical care.
Not all patients are recommended a therapy with Cefrom.
Patients who are known to have a severe Allergic Reaction to penicillin ought to consult with their personal physician in order to see if a treatment trial with Cefrom is prescribed for their medical condition.
Several studies have been performed in order to establish with clarity whether a therapy with this medicine has any harmful effects on a growing fetus, if the drug is taken in by the pregnant mother.
The presence of some medical disorders can even prevent a patient from following a therapy with this medicine.
The results have shown that this medicine should not trigger any severe effects on the normal development of the baby, even if it is taken in during pregnancy.
This is why we strongly recommend all patients to seek professional medical advice from their personal health care provider before they start taking doses of this medicine while they are nursing their infant(s).

Intake Guidelines

When your personal doctor prescribes you a treatment trial with Cefrom, he or she will also give you a set of instructions regarding your future therapy with this medicine. For further information, consult the product's label. However, if you want to know more about this drug, or if you haven't completely understood some of your doctor's instructions, we recommend you to seek professional assistance at the local medical centre. Ask a pharmacist, a nurse or a doctor for further, reliable details and / or directions.


After your personal physician has carefully assessed your current medical condition, as well as your personal and family medical history, he or she will be able to prescribe you a proper dosing schedule with this medical product (Cefrom). If you are unhappy with this schedule, we advise you to contact your physician and ask him or her to make the necessary changes. Do not adjust your dosing plan without your personal physician's direct approval.


We unfortunately do not possess any reliable information regarding the potential symptoms that could arrive in case of an overdose with this particular drug (Cefrom). If you suspect that you are suffering from such a medical condition, you should be given immediate medical care. Go to the nearest medical centre and contact your personal health care provider at once. Ask your doctor to give you a complete list of the potential symptoms and signs that could be triggered by an overdose with Cefrom.

Missed Dose

A missed dose of Cefrom is not a dangerous situation. However, for the sake of the effects of your treatment trial with this medicine, such a condition should be avoided. Ask your physician what to do in case you were not able to take a dose of Cefrom at its due time.

Side Effects

In this chapter, we intend to present you the most common adverse reactions that could occur due to your therapy with Cefrom: rash, pruritus (itching), diarrhea, pyrexia (fever), Allergic Reaction, colitis (inflammation of the individual's large intestine), vomiting, nausea, inflammation and pain at the injection site, and so on. Ask your personal health care provider fro further information regarding this matter.


We do not possess sufficient information about the potential medical products that could harmfully interfere with your therapy with Cefrom. However, all patients must be aware that a combination between this drug and probenecid will interfere with the beneficial effects of your intake of this cephalosporin.
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