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Daclin No Prescription

Daclin is a drug based on the main ingredient Sulindac. Daclin belongs to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory class of drugs - it is a NSAID. Typically, these medicines are prescribed to relieve pain and discomfort caused by several medical conditions.
Daclin is a script medication that is typically employed in order to relieve the inflammation and pain present in such medical conditions as gouty arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and several other affections that imply bone or muscle injuries. Daclin may also be prescribed for patients that are suffering from other medical conditions not listed here. If you have been prescribed a treatment course with Daclin and are not sure why, it is best that you ask your prescriber for further information.

Daclin Contraindications

Daclin should not be administered to patients that are allergic to Daclin or any of its ingredients, or to any other NSAID. Patients with a medical history of peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease may not start a therapy course with Daclin. Daclinshould not be administered to patients that present such symptoms as bloody diarrhea, black sticky stools, rectal bleeding, bloody vomit or vomit containing material with the aspect of coffee grounds. Daclin may not be suited for the treatment of children.
Caution should be employed in the case of patients with a medical history of liver or kidney disease, asthma, indigestion, heartburn, stomach ulcer or other gastric disorders, diabetes mellitus, heart problems, hypertension, oedema or bleeding tendencies. Special consideration should also be paid in the case of pregnant patients or in the case of nursing mothers.

Daclin Intake Guidelines

Depending on the condition that is being treated, the Daclin intake guidelines and therapy duration may vary greatly. For example, patients suffering from muscle strains may be required to take Daclin for a few days, while in the case of patients that are suffering from arthritis the treatment may continue indefinitely. Typically, the patients are advised to take the Daclin doses with food in order to reduce stomach upset. Your prescriber will provide you with the exact therapy duration and intake directions. It is best that you closely follow the prescriber's indications.

Daclin Dosage

The average dosage of Daclin is of 400 mg daily. However, this dosage may change depending on several factors such as the patient's age, general health condition or the affection that is being treated - for example elderly patients will be prescribed a lower dosage due to the higher risk of side effects.
Your Daclin dosage may differ from the average dosage. Your prescriber will decide upon the dosage that is best suited to your case, and you should never use a different dosage as this may result in the treatment not yielding the desired effects.

Daclin Overdose

You should immediately contact the local poisons center or the nearest medical facility if an overdose with Daclin is suspected. If possible, the original packaging and leaflet of the medicine should be presented to the health care professionals handling the situation. However, it is always best to prevent an overdose by avoiding taking higher doses of the medicine than you have been indicated. You should never use the Daclin dosage that has been prescribed to a different patient.

Daclin Missed Dose

If you accidentally miss a dose of Daclin, it is best that you take it as soon as you remember. If you remember too close to another intake, completely skip the missed dose and continue with your regular intake schedule; however you should consult with your prescriber regarding this situation, as in some cases corrective measures are required.
In order to reduce the risk of missing any Daclin doses, it is best that you consult with your personal physician and set up a strict intake schedule. Taking your medication at around the same time each day may reduce the chances of forgetting to take any doses.

Daclin Side Effects

You should immediately stop taking Daclin and contact your personal physician if you begin experiencing any signs and symptoms indicating an allergy to Daclin (hives, itching, swelling of the face, tongue or lips, breathing problems).
Other severe side effects that may occur as a result to therapy with Daclin are vision problems, severe tenderness or pain in the stomach, mood changes, severe vertigo or dizziness, arrhythmia or tachycardia, anemia, skin hypersensitivity, unusual bleeding or bruising, frequent infections, bloody or discolored urine, changes in the urine quantity, jaundice. If you experience any of these, you should immediately consult with your health care professional.
Other side effects are possible as well while following a therapy course with Daclin. It is best that you inform your personal physician of any unexpected signs or symptoms that may appear.

Daclin Interactions

There are several types of medications which may interfere with the regular action of Daclin. It is best that you inform your prescriber of any other medication you are currently taking before starting a therapy course with this medication. In some cases, special dosage adjustments may be required while certain drugs may prevent you from starting a treatment with Daclin altogether.
The most frequently prescribed drugs and medicines that may interact with Daclin are salicylates, aspirin or other NSAIDs, Warfarin and other drugs employed to prevent the clotting of the blood, diuretics, hypertension medication, drugs employed in the treatment of diabetes, Methotrexate or Cyclosporin.
Also, while taking Daclin, it is best that you consult your prescriber before starting any new medication therapy. This will help prevent any accidental drug interactions from occurring or will reduce or eliminate the possible harmful effects that may appear.

Daclin Other Brand Names

In some countries Daclin may also be known as:
- Acnestop;
- Ancine;
- Arfarel;
- Bioclindax;
- Botamycin-N;
- Cigmadil;
- Clendazaf;
- Clidan;
- Clindac;
- Clindalaf;
- Clindarix;
- Clindatech;
- Clindaval;
- Clindavid;
- Clindets;
- Clindopax;
- Clinfol;
- Clinott;
- Clintopic;
- Clinwas;
- Cluvax;
- Cutaclin;
- Dalacin C;
- Dalacin ST;
- Dalacin V;
- Dalacin Vaginal;
- Damiclin;
- Fouch;
- Galecin;
- Indamid;
- Inprosyn-HP;
- Jutaclin;
- Klimicin;
- Klyndaken;
- Lanacine;
- Lisiken;
- Naxoclinda;
- Paradis;
- Qualiclinda;
- Sotomycin;
- Tidact;
- Topicil;
- Torgyn;
- Trexen;
- Turimycin;
- Ygielle;
- Zindaclin;
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