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Demazin is an effective antihistamine and a powerful decongestant which can ease the unpleasant symptoms of allergies, colds, and so on. A dose of Demazin Syrup is known to contain: ethanol (alcohol), propyl hydroxybenzoate, sorbitol, quinoline yellow, sucrose, and so on. However, this medication does not contain lactose or gluten. If you are interested in finding out more about the components of this medication, refer to your local pharmacist.
The use of this medical remedy (Demazin Syrup) can be employed with confidence by patients who are suffering from itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, congestion (in case this symptom accompanies glue ear). In other words, Demazin Syrup has been especially designed to help patients who are suffering from symptoms of allergies, colds, or who have been diagnosed with the presence of severe nasal congestion.


The use of this medical remedy can lead to the developing of drowsiness. For this reason, individuals who are following a long term therapy course with Demazin Syrup should employ extra caution while performing any activities that require mental alertness / attention - we recommend such patients to avoid such activities, as much as possible. As drowsiness and its adjacent symptoms are worsened by the consumption of alcoholic beverages, such products should also be avoided during one's treatment trial with Demazin Syrup.
Individuals who are suffering from an allergy to Demazin Syrup (or to any similar medications) should not be allowed to start a treatment course with it. In such cases, the patient's PD will have to seek an alternative way through which the patient can deal with his or her medical condition.

Intake Guidelines

In order to make sure that you will have a safe and beneficial experience with Demazin Syrup you should refer to your main medical prescriber and ask him or her for specific instructions concerning the way in which you are to employ your doses of this product. You should also ask your PD if you should take into consideration any special precautions during your treatment trial with this product. If you did not completely understand your prescriber's recommendations you should not hesitate to ask for additional explanations. You will probably find further Demazin Syrup intake guidelines in the professional leaflet that normally accompanies a whole pack of this medication. It is each patient's responsibility to make sure that the quality of his or her medical product does not diminish due to improper storage. This can be easily avoided: do not forget to ask your pharmacist to give you specific instructions concerning the way in which you should store your pack of Demazin Syrup.


Demazin has only been designed for external use. Children between the age of 2 and 4 normally use 4-6 ml of Demazin Syrup every 8 hours; infants between 4 and 6 years of age can use 6-8 ml every 8 hours, while children younger than 12 can use up to 15 ml every 8 hours. The dose for children older than 12 years is the same as that of adult patients; they should use 15 ml of Demazin Syrup every 6-8 hours. If you are unhappy with the results of your current dosing schedule with Demazin Syrup you should refer to your prescriber and ask him or her to make the necessary adjustments.


If you suspect that you may be suffering from this unpleasant medical condition you should immediately seek professional medical assistance. Rapid clinical intervention is vital for the well-being of the patient. Although we have no details concerning the specific symptoms that may be experienced by a patient who has been exposed to a mega-dose of Demazin Syrup, such clinical manifestations are expected to be similar to the side effects of this medication. The developing of such a condition may delay or even diminish the beneficial results of your therapy course with this product.

Missed Dose

If you do not know in what way you ought to manage your missed dose of Demazin Syrup you should refer to your main medical prescriber. If you repeatedly miss your prescribed doses of this medication you should not be surprised if the beneficial results of your treatment will be diminished. If your current dosing schedule does not fit your regular routine, you should discuss with your medical prescriber and ask him or her to make the needed changes to your Demazin Syrup dosing schedule.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, allergic reactions to Demazin Syrup have been reported; in case you develop a rash, breathing difficulties, swelling, hives, or any similar symptoms during your treatment course with this medication you should immediately cease using this product; alert your prescriber as soon as possible. Other common adverse manifestations that have been linked to the patient's treatment with Demazin Syrup include: dry mouth, headache, fatigue, etc.


Individuals who were already following a treatment course with any MAOIs (depression medical remedies) or with any high blood pressure medical products may not be allowed to start a regular therapy with Demazin Syrup. This matter should be discussed in detail with the patient's main medical prescriber. These are not all the medicines with which this product can interact. For further information, seek your PD's professional expertise. Your pharmacist can also give you some information concerning this matter.
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