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Desquam-x No Prescription

Desquam X is a topical medicine based on Benzoyl peroxide, typically employed in the treatment of acne and related skin problems. It is effective in treating the existing pimples and in preventing the appearance of new ones on the treated areas of skin.
Desquam X is usually recommended for the treatment of acne. Other similar affections of the skin may be treated with Desquam-x as well, and as such your personal health care provider may decide to prescribe a therapy course with this preparation even though you are not affected by acne. If you are unsure why you have been recommended a treatment with Desquam X, it is best that you ask your prescriber for additional information. He or she may also provide you with further information regarding the possible uses of this medicinal product.

Desquam-x Contraindications

Desquam X should not be prescribed or employed in the treatment of patients that are suffering from hypersensitivity to Benzoyl peroxide or to any of the other ingredients of this preparation. If you have an allergy to any of the active or inactive ingredients of this medicinal product, it is best that you inform your prescriber and ask for an alternative therapeutic agent to be indicated.
Desquam X may yield different effects, or adverse reactions may occur if prescribed in patients that are suffering from eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or in patients that present raw or red patches of skin (including sunburns) on the area of skin that needs to be treated. You should inform the prescribing health care professional if you are suffering from any of these conditions before starting a therapy course with this medicinal preparation.
It is strongly recommended that Desquam X is not applied on or near the eyes or lips, the inside of the nose or on the sensitive areas of the neck. Desquam-x is for topical use only and should not be ingested.

Desquam-x Intake Guidelines

Before applying the Desquam X doses, it is best that you thoroughly wash the affected area of skin with clean water and soap and then pat dry with a soft towel. Using the recommended dose, apply the medicine to the area of skin that needs to be treated. Desquam X may not be prescribed on the eyes, mucous membranes (inside of the nose or mouth or on the lips) or sensitive areas of the neck. The medicine should be applied by massaging away from these areas. If any of the medicine gets on these areas, immediately wash it away with clean water.
Use Desquam X for the entire length of time that has been recommended by your prescriber in order to achieve the best therapeutic effects. Your condition may improve sooner, but you should continue using this medicinal product for the full therapy duration.

Desquam-x Dosage

The exact indications concerning the Desquam X dosage appropriate for your case will be provided by the prescribing health care professional after clinically assessing your condition. As this implies taking into account several factors that are specific to your case, the dosage is likely to vary from one patient to another. As such, it is strongly advised against usage of any dosage other than the one that has been prescribed in your case. In order to obtain full therapeutic benefits from the treatment, only use the Desquam X dosage that you have been indicated.

Desquam-x Overdose

Desquam-x is only available for topical use. Ingestion of any quantity of Desquam X or contact with the mucous membranes should be avoided. If you happen to swallow any quantity of this medicinal preparation you should immediately contact the regional or local poisons center or go to the nearest hospital as emergency medical attention may be required.

Desquam-x Missed Dose

While accidentally missing any applications of Desquam X is not expected to cause any severe consequences, it is best that you try to avoid such situations. Using the medicine at around the same time every day may help reduce the chances of forgetting to take a dose; your personal health care provider can assist you in setting up a proper medication schedule. However, if you happen to miss one of your Desquam X applications, it is best to use the missed dose as soon as you remember before continuing with your regular medication schedule, unless another application of the medicine is almost due; if this is the case, it is best to completely skip the missed dose. Never employ a double dose of Desquam X in order to make up for a missed one.

Desquam-x Side Effects

One of the most severe adverse effects that may occur as a result to the Desquam X treatment is an allergic reaction. Immediately stop using this preparation and contact your personal health care provider if you experience any of the characteristic signs and symptoms.
Other side effects that may be caused by Desquam X usage include, but do not limit to skin irritation accompanied by burning or stinging sensations; blistering or crusting; redness and warmth in the area of skin that has been treated. These and any other unexpected effects that may occur should be brought to the attention of your personal health care professional as soon as possible.

Desquam-x Interactions

Desquam X may interact with other drugs and medicines, especially with other topical products that are applied to the same area of skin. As such, you should inform the prescriber if you are using any other acne preparation or topical product containing peeling agents, any skin preparations that cause photosensitivity or that contain large quantities of alcohol, irritating hair products or any skin care products that have abrasive or drying properties.

Desquam-x Other Brand Names

In some countries Desquam-x may also be known as:
- Acetoxyl;
- Acnepas;
- Acnesan;
- Aknefug-oxid;
- Akneroxid;
- Ambi 10;
- Basiron;
- Benzaknen;
- Benzihex;
- Benziq;
- Brevoxyl;
- Clean & Clear Continuous Control;
- Clearasil BP Plus;
- Clearasil Ultra;
- Clidan B;
- Cordes BPO;
- Desquam-X;
- Dry & Clear;
- Eclaran;
- Ecnagel PB;
- Ecuaderm;
- Inoxitan;
- Johnsons Clean & Clear Persa Gel;
- Marduk;
- Neo Strata Astringent Acne Treatment;
- Neo Strata Blemish Spot;
- Neutrogena Acne Mask;
- Neutrogena On The Spot Acne Treatment;
- Oxy;
- Pangel;
- PanOxyl;
- Paracne;
- PB Gel;
- Peroxiben Plus;
- Pirobac;
- Scherogel;
- Solugel;
- Tiltis;
- Vixiderm E;
- Zaclir;
- Zoderm;
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