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Elestate No Prescription

Elestate is an ophthalmic anti-allergic clinical remedy. This is due to the fact that Elestate Eye Drops' ingredients present highly effective mast cell stabilizer properties (they are able to prevent or at least diminish the effects of certain, harmful, inflammatory substances produced by the patient's eyes which are known to sometimes trigger an unwanted allergic reaction). Elestate Eye Drops can be included in the category of antihistaminic clinical remedies.
For further information concerning the main clinical components of this product, please ask for your pharmacist's help.
Numerous individuals from all over the world who were suffering from allergic conjunctivitis (an eye medical condition which is mainly characterized by the presence of intensive eye itching) were more than satisfied with the results of their therapy course with Elestate Eye Drops. This encourages more and more physicians to prescribe this eye clinical remedy with confidence in the case of patients who present such a disturbing eye symptom.

Elestate Contraindications

Like with most other clinical remedies, before you start your therapy course with Elestate Eye Drops you should discuss with your medical prescriber the most important risks and benefits that are expected to occur during such a treatment trial. Together with your physician, you will decide whether this therapy course is the right option for your clinical condition. If you are unsure whether you want to start using Elestate Eye Drops on a regular basis, you should ask your PD to present you in detail the other available therapy options. Individuals who are known to present a hypersensitivity to epinastine or any other related substances should not start using this medication. The same piece of advice goes to patients who are known to be allergic to benzalkonium chloride or any other similar preservatives. Unfortunately, the effects of Elestate Eye Drops in the case of pregnant / nursing females have not yet been thoroughly studied. Therefore, such patients should be prescribed an alternative treatment trial for their eye medical condition. One should not administer Elestate to a child who is younger than 3 years of age without the approval of the infant's pediatrician.

Elestate Intake Guidelines

In case you develop eye redness while using Elestate Eye Drops, you should not use your contact lenses. In the absence of such a symptom, you may use your contacts, provided that you remove them before applying a dose of this product (you may re-insert them 15 minutes afterwards). All individuals who are to start using Elestate Eye Drops should be trained concerning the importance of keeping the product's dropper sterile, as in case it becomes infected with any germs, severe complications may arise (the patient may develop an unwanted infection of the eye, a condition which may result in loss of vision). For this reason, it is each patient's direct responsibility to make sure that the dropper does not touch any surface, including the patient's hands or eyes. As a measure of precaution, each individual should thoroughly wash their hands before handling their pack of Elestate Eye Drops. It is best to keep the product's pack tightly closed at all times.

Elestate Dosage

Most adult individuals who have been authorized by their main clinical prescriber to use Elestate Eye Drops on a regular basis should employ about 2 drops of this product per day (a drop in the morning and one in the evening). However, elderly patients and / or children may have to use a lower dose of this antihistaminic remedy, as they present a higher risk of experiencing the adverse clinical manifestations of Elestate Eye Drops.

Elestate Overdose

Such a medical condition should be avoided at all costs, as it may trigger severe consequences, among which can include temporary or even permanent vision loss (the severity of this condition depends on the extra amount of Elestate Eye Drops which has been employed by the patient). It is imperative for the patient's health and well being that he or she receives immediate medical attention.

Elestate Missed Dose

In order to experience all the beneficial results that should arise from your therapy course with Elestate Eye Drops you should carefully employ each and every one of your prescribed doses of this medication. In case you accidentally neglect using a dose of this product, make sure that you replace it as soon as possible. However, if it is already time for you to use a new dose of your Elestate Eye Drops, it is best to skip the previous dose (the one that you have missed), as the use of unauthorized double doses of this clinical remedy increases the severity of this drug's side effects (furthermore, over-dosage may occur if this happens more than once).

Elestate Side Effects

Most of this drug's side effects do not require special medical attention. However, it is best to report to your physician any unpleasant reactions that occur during your therapy course with Elestate Eye Drops. The most common adverse reactions of such an antihistaminic product include: sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, fever, cough, etc.

Elestate Interactions

Although a special combination between Elestate Eye Drops and other clinical remedies may enhance the effects of your therapy, the unauthorized use of other drugs during your treatment with this antihistamine may diminish the effectiveness of your treatment or may lead to harmful interactions. It is best to seek further professional directions about this matter from your PD.

Elestate Other Brand Names

In some countries Elestate may also be known as:
- Chelatran;
- Edetil;
- Endrate;
- Limclair;
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