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Elocon is generically known as mometasone topical. Elocon is a topical steroid. Elocon lessens the actions of chemicals, which is the source of inflammation, redness, and swelling of the body. Elocon is prescribed to treat inflammation such as allergic reactions, Eczema, and psoriasis.
Elocon may be advised for patients who have allergic conditions such as eczema, and psioriasis. Elocon is prescribed to treat and stop allergic reactions. Elocon gives aid to psoriasis. Psoriasis is also known as scaling. It is a skin disorder than can happen at any age in both men and women. It first appears as thick, flaky patches of skin on the elbows, knees, or other parts of the body.
Elocon can also prevent Eczema, which is due to a contact with a substance that the immune system recognizes as foreign, such as poison ivy or certain preservatives in creams and lotions.


Before using Elocon, seek first the advice of your doctor. Elocon alone will not give aid to the condition if it is a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. It is not known that Elocon can cause harm to an unborn baby. Do not use Elocon without seeking to your doctor if you are pregnant. During pregnancy, it is necessary to use Elocon. The smallest amount of Elocon should be applied and it must be applied within the shortest span of time. Elocon medication must be under the doctor's supervision.
Elocon is approved for treatment for children, 2 years of age and older for up to 3 weeks. Elocon medication for children must be under the supervision of a doctor. Children are more sensitive to the effects of Elocon.

Intake Guidelines

Elocon should be applied exactly as the doctor directed. It is significant to use Elocon regularly to obtain its benefit. Apply a small amount of Elocon on the affected area and rub it gently into the skin. Use Elocon carefully on areas where the skin creases, such as armpits, knees, and elbows. These areas may take in more medication. Also, keep away from the eyes, mouth, and mucous membranes. It could be dangerous to use Elocon to treat any area of the body that is not prescribed for it. Do not use Elocon to treat any area of the body that it is not prescribed for because this could be dangerous.


Apply Elocon to the affected area and use Elocon regularly.


Elocon is not harmful if overdosed. If Elocon is ingested or a large amount is being applied to the affected area and side effects are experienced, call an emergency room or a poison control left for guidance.

Missed Dose

No serious systematic side effects are expected unless a large amount of Elocon is being applied for a long period of time.
If Elocon is being absorbed in your body, you may experience the following:
- Blurred vision;
- Halos around lights;
- Insomnia;
- Irregular heartbeat;
- Mood changes;
- Weight gain or fatigue;

Other local side effects of Elocon are:
- Prolonged redness;
- Stretch marks;
- Thinning of the skin;

Less serious side effects are more likely to happen. You may experience some redness, blistering, burning, itching, or peeling. Maintain to use Elocon and seek the advice of your doctor.

Side Effects

Keep away from using other topical medications, harsh or abrasive soaps, or cosmetics on the affected area without first talking to your doctor and without the doctor's advise if you are on Elocon medication.
Talk to your doctor and pharmacists before using any other kind of drugs or over-the-counter medicines, including vitamins, minerals and herbal products before taking Elocon.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Elocon may also be known as:
- Asmanex;
- Bioelementa;
- Bronconex;
- Cortynase;
- Dergentil;
- Dermosona;
- Ecelecort;
- Elica;
- Elocon;
- Elomet;
- Elovent;
- Esine;
- F-Din;
- Fenisona;
- Flogocort;
- Lisoder;
- Makiren;
- Metason;
- Metaspray;
- Mofur;
- Molken;
- Momelab;
- Momeplus;
- Movesan;
- Mozeton;
- Nasonex;
- Novasone;
- Pharmecort;
- Rinelon;
- Topcor;
- Uniclar;
- Yperod;
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