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Emtriva No Prescription

Emtriva is a medical product based on Emtricitabine, an antiviral type of drug that belongs to the reverse transcriptase inhibitors class of medication. It acts by hindering the replication of HIV cells in the human organism. Emtriva is not a cure for HIV or AIDS.
Emtriva is typically prescribed for the treatment of patients that are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Emtriva is not a cure for HIV or AIDS, instead it is employed to control the symptoms and slow the evolution of the disease. In some cases, health care specialists may decide to use Emtriva in order to treat other medical conditions as well. If you would like to obtain further information regarding the clinical reasons for which you have been prescribed a therapy course with Emtriva, you should consult with your prescribing physician.

Emtriva Contraindications

In some cases, Emtriva may cause severe medical conditions such as lactic acidosis or liver damage. You should undergo regular medical examination while following a treatment with Emtriva in order to detect and treat these affections in their early stages.
Therapy with Emtriva will not prevent the patient from transmitting the virus to other individuals. As such, protective methods should be employed at all times during sexual intercourse.
The presence of some medical conditions may require special dosage adjustments or monitoring during the medication therapy. If you are suffering from or have a medical history of: tuberculosis, cytomegalovirus, pneumonia, hepatitis B or kidney disease you should inform your personal health care provider before starting a treatment with Emtriva.

Emtriva Intake Guidelines

The prescribing health care professional will provide you with a set of intake guidelines at the same time with the medication dosage. You should closely follow these indications. Measure the exact dosage using a special dose-measuring cup or spoon. You may take this medication with water or food in order to reduce stomach upset.
While following a therapy course with Emtriva, you will be required to undergo routine medical examinations and tests in order to determine the response to the treatment and to detect any early signs of complications. It is best that you do not miss any scheduled follow-up appointments with your health care provider.

Emtriva Dosage

The exact Emtriva dosage may vary from one case to another. It will be determined based on a number of case specific factors, and during the course of the therapy the supervising health care professional may make minor adjustments to the dosage in order to obtain the best therapeutic effects. You should always use the Emtriva dosage that has been prescribed to you last. Do not attempt to alter the medication dosage or intake schedule without consulting your prescriber, and never use the medication dosage that has been prescribed to another patient. Using a different Emtriva dosage than the one you have been prescribed may cause the therapy to yield different results than those expected.

Emtriva Overdose

At this time, it has not been established what are the exact symptoms of an overdose with Emtriva, but it is expected that they manifest as exacerbations of the side effects associated with Emtriva. In order to avoid becoming affected by an overdose, you should never exceed the recommended dosage. If you have taken a larger quantity of Emtriva or if you have any reason to suspect that you are suffering from an overdose you should immediately contact the local poisons center or move to the nearest clinic or hospital in order to receive emergency medical attention.

Emtriva Missed Dose

You should try to avoid missing any of your Emtriva doses. Keeping a strict intake schedule may help you reduce the chances of accidentally forgetting to take your medication. However, if you happen to miss a dose it is best that you take it as soon as you remember about it. In situations where another Emtriva intake is almost due, you are advised to completely skip the missed dose and continue with your regular intake schedule; consult with your supervising health care specialist regarding this matter as soon as possible to see if any further actions need to be taken.

Emtriva Side Effects

You should immediately stop your Emtriva therapy and contact your personal health care provider if you experience any of the characteristic signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction: rashes, hives, breathing problems, swelling of the throat, face, lips or tongue.
Emtriva may cause lactic acidosis. This is manifested through symptoms such as muscle weakness or pain, breathing trouble, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, tiredness and weakness, numbness or a sensation of cold in the extremities, arrhythmia or tachycardia.
Severe, possibly lethal liver damage may occur as a result of a treatment with Emtriva. You should immediately consult your personal physician if you experience low fever, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pain, clay colored stools or dark urine, jaundice, etc.
Following a treatment with Emtriva may cause other infections to flare up (commonly encountered infections in such cases are pneumonia, tuberculosis or cytomegalovirus). You should contact your personal physician as soon as possible if you experience any symptoms of an infection: sore throat, chills, fever, cough or flu symptoms.
Other less severe side effects may appear as well. If you experience any unexpected, bothersome symptoms you should consult with your personal physician.

Emtriva Interactions

Emtriva may interact with several other drugs and medicines and as such it is best to let the prescriber know of any other script or over the counter drugs you are currently taking before starting a therapy course with Emtriva. For a complete list of Emtriva drug reactions you should consult a pharmacist, a doctor or a nurse.
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