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Fasturtec is a brand name for a medicine known under the generic name of Rasburicase. This is a drug that stimulates the organism increasing the rate at which it breaks down uric acid, prescribed as part of the chemotherapeutic treatment administered in certain cases of cancer. Fasturtec may only be administered under the direct supervision of a health care professional, authorized and specialized in the manipulation and administration of chemotherapeutic agents.
Fasturtec is a chemotherapeutic product employed during treatment for certain types of cancer. It is prescribed to treat abnormal increases of uric acid levels that may result from the tumor breakdown. Specialized health care professionals may direct the administration of Fasturtec for the treatment of other medical conditions that are not mentioned / included here. For further information on the additional uses of this medicinal product it is recommended to consult a specialized health care provider.


Fasturtec should not be administered to patients that are suffering from a glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, to individuals that are suffering from hemolytic reactions or methemoglobinemia or to patients that are allergic to Fasturtec or any of its ingredients. Before starting a therapy course with Fasturtec, several tests may be performed to establish the safety of the treatment.
Fasturtec may not be safe for use in patients that are or may become pregnant during the course of the therapy. Also, Fasturtec may not be suitable for use in patients that are breast feeding a baby. In you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or are nursing a baby, you should consult with your personal physician, as he or she will be able to inform you of the exact risks and benefits of the Fasturtec treatment and help you determine what treatment plan is best suited to your case.
Other medical conditions may also affect your Fasturtec treatment. As such, you should ensure that the prescriber is familiar with your general health condition and medical history.

Intake Guidelines

Fasturtec may only be administered by a specialized health care professional, who is authorized in the handling and administering of chemotherapeutic agents; the administration should take place in a hospital setting. Typically, the patient is kept under medical observation in a clinic or a hospital for a few days after the initial dose, in order for the health care professional to closely monitor the patient's response to the treatment and to detect any reactions that may appear. After the initial time period, the monitoring will continue through regular blood testing and clinical examinations. The follow-up visits are equally important in order to ensure the safety of the Fasturtec treatment, and it is strongly recommended that the patient does not miss any of the scheduled appointments with his or her health care specialist.


The exact Fasturtec dosage, administration frequency and treatment duration will be established by the examining health care specialist, as he or she will take into account a number of factors that may vary from one patient to another. These factors include, but are not limited to: the patient's age, the type of cancer he or she is suffering from, his or her general health condition and the response to the treatment. The Fasturtec doses will be administered in a clinic or hospital, under the direct supervision of the specialized health care professional.


As Fasturtec is only administered under the direct supervision of a specialized health care professional, an overdose with Fasturtec is unlikely. However, if an overdose is suspected, the patient should receive emergency medical attention as severe complications may appear. The exact symptoms of an overdose with Fasturtec have not been established at this point; however it is suspected that a Fasturtec overdose is manifested through an exacerbation of the side effects that may be associated with Fasturtec.

Missed Dose

Fasturtec is only administered in a clinic or hospital by a specialized health care professional. As such, missing any doses of the medicine is highly unlikely. However, this is possible in certain situations (such as in the case of an outpatient clinic). If you miss a dose of the medicine, it is strongly recommended to contact your personal health care provider for further information. Prompt measures need to be taken in order for the situation to be corrected.

Side Effects

Fasturtec may lead to the appearance of, or may aggravate pre-existing blood conditions such as hemolytic reactions or methemoglobinemia. Such situations are rare, but severe. Also, in some cases the patient may suffer from an allergic reaction to Fasturtec, requiring immediate medical attention. If any symptoms of an allergic reaction appear (hives, rashes, dizziness, chest pain, swelling of the lips, face or tongue, bluish coloring of the lips or skin, breathing problems) the patient should immediately contact his or her personal health care specialist.
More common side effects associated with Fasturtec therapy include abdominal pain, diarrhea, rashes, fever, headaches, constipation or sores on the mucosal membrane of the mouth. Other side effects may appear as well. Any unexpected signs or symptoms that may appear during the Fasturtec treatment should be immediately brought to the attention of the supervising health care specialist.


Fasturtec may interact with other drugs and medicines, both script and over the counter. As such, it is best that you let your personal health care professional know of any other medication you are taking before starting a therapy course with Fasturtec. In some cases, special adjustments to the dosage may be required or you may need special monitoring during the treatment. Also, you should inform the supervising health care specialist before starting any new medication therapy while you are following a treatment course with Fasturtec.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Fasturtec may also be known as:
- Elitek;
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