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Pimafucort No Prescription

Pimafucort is a topical preparation available under the form of cream and ointment, based on the active substances Hydrocortisone, Neomycin and Natamycin.
As a prophylactic agent, Pimafucort may also be employed in the prevention of such skin affections, with a high degree of effectiveness.
Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid class substance which prevents and treats skin inflammation, Neomycin is an effective antibiotic commonly employed in the treatment of bacterial infections of the skin and Natamycin is an antifungal medicine with strong action in fighting yeast infections.
It is prescribed in situations where skin irritation is present, and bacterial or fungal infection is suspected or has already been diagnosed.
Pimafucort is a topical medicine that is prescribed as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of numerous skin conditions.
This pharmaceutical preparation may be prescribed in monotherapy or combined with other medication for the treatment of other medical affections as well.
Your personal physician may provide you with additional information if you would like to learn more regarding the possible Pimafucort uses.

Pimafucort Contraindications

Do not use Pimafucort before taking a shower or a bath, as this may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
Pimafucort may not be suitable for the treatment of patients that are suffering from affections of the skin that have as a primary cause a viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic infection.
Pimafucort may not be prescribed in patients that have previously experienced side effects in association with corticosteroid therapy.
This medicine may not be prescribed in patients that are also affected by juvenile plantar dermatosis or from ichtyosis, by common acne or by acne rosacea.
This pharmaceutical preparation should not be prescribed by individuals that are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of this product, both active and inactive.
Treatment of patients presenting wounds, burns or ulcers on the affected area of skin is not recommended.

Pimafucort Intake Guidelines

Closely follow your prescriber's directions regarding Pimafucort usage. Wash the application area and pat dry with a soft towel before each application, and wash your hands with water and soap before and after each application. Apply the medicine on the skin and massage gently until the entire area is covered with a thin layer of the medicine. Do not cover or bandage the area unless your prescriber advises otherwise.

Pimafucort Dosage

With each application of Pimafucort, you should use enough substance to cover the affected area with a thin coating, without leaving any excess substance on the skin. Your prescriber may advise you regarding an exact dosage; in this case, use the recommended quantity of Pimafucort with each application. Also, the health care provider will inform you regarding the number of times you should apply the medicine each day, as well as with the duration of the therapy. If you are not sure that you have correctly understood any of the dosage information, you should ask your physician for additional information.

Pimafucort Overdose

You are strongly recommended to closely follow the prescriber's information regarding the Pimafucort dosage. Do not use this medicine in quantities larger than directed or for prolonged periods of time, as this may increase your risk of developing side effects; severe consequences are possible.
Pimafucort is only available under the form of cream or ointment for topical use. Do not ingest any quantity of this medicine.
If you suspect that you or anyone else may be suffering from an overdose with this medicine, call the local poisons center for further advice or contact the nearest clinic or hospital as the patient may require urgent medical assistance even if no visible symptoms are present.

Pimafucort Missed Dose

If you accidentally miss an application of Pimafucort, use the missed dose when you remember about it, however not if another application is almost due. In this case it is better to completely skip the missed application in order to avoid double dosing. If you have missed several applications, you should contact your dermatologist as the treatment may no longer have full effectiveness.
You should take all precautions to ensure that you do not miss any Pimafucort applications. While missing an application of this pharmaceutical preparation may not cause any serious detrimental effects, it may reduce the efficiency of the treatment.

Pimafucort Side Effects

The most common side effects of Pimafucort include: aggravation of the lesions, irritation, itching or burning on the area of application, discoloration or thinning of the skin, increased hair growth or allergic reactions. The adverse reactions are more likely to occur if the medicine is applied on the face or in the genital area.
As most drugs and medicines, Pimafucort may cause a number of unwanted side effects. While prescribed according to the physician's specifications, the chances of developing adverse reactions are greatly reduced, however they may still occur. When they do, in most cases they are mild and will go away shortly. However, in some cases they may become persistent or severe. As such, it is best to inform your personal physician of any such unexpected symptoms that occur, so that he or she can monitor them and intervene as necessary.

Pimafucort Interactions

Pimafucort may interact with some products applied to the same area of skin, including medicines, herbal products and cosmetics. You should inform your dermatologist of any such products you are using prior to starting your therapy course with this medicine. In some cases, special adjustments to the medication dosage may be required in order to prevent any accidental interactions.
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