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Reglan 10mg

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Reglan No Prescription

Reglan can effectively increase the patient's rate at which the intestines and the stomach move during digestion.
Reglan is prescribed in the treatment of diabetic gastric stasis, a disorder which is known to cause unpleasant symptoms like vomiting, nausea, decreased appetite, heartburn, and prolonged fullness after a meal.
Reglan is prescribed in the treatment of heartburn or reflux or heartburn.
Reglan is prescribed to facilitate an examination with X-rays of the intestines and / or stomach.
Reglan is prescribed to patients who are suffering from heartburn, reflux or diabetic gastric stasis.
Reglan is prescribed to patients who are suffering from nausea and / or vomiting that are triggered by chemotherapy.

Reglan increases the contractions of the stomach and small intestine, helping the passage of food. It is given to treat the symptoms of diabetic gastroparesis, a condition in which the stomach does not contract. These symptoms include vomiting, nausea, heartburn, feeling of indigestion, persistent fullness after meals, and appetite loss. Reglan is also used, for short periods, to treat heartburn in people with gastroesophageal reflux disorder (backflow of stomach contents into the esophagus). In addition, it is given to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy and surgery.

Reglan Contraindications

Reglan is contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions:
- Depression;
- Diabetes;
- High blood pressure;
- Injury, bleeding, or stomach obstruction;
- Kidney disease;
- Parkinson's disease;
- Pheochromocytoma;
- Seizure disorders such as epilepsy;

Reglan Interactions

Do not take Reglan with any of the following drugs:
- Cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune);
- Digoxin (Lanoxicaps, Lanoxin);
- Insulin;
- Levodopa (Dopar, Larodopa, Sinemet);
- Narcotic pain relievers;
- Tetracycline (Sumycin);

Reglan Side Effects

Reglan side effects that you should report to your health care professional or doctor as soon as possible:
- Agitation, anxiety, difficulty breathing, jitteriness, or insomnia;
- Allergic reaction to this drug's components (breathing difficulties throat closure swelling of your tongue, lips, or face hives);
- Breast swelling or tenderness;
- Confusion;
- Depression;
- Diarrhea or nausea;
- Drowsiness, dizziness, or headache;
- Fluid retention;
- Hallucinations or seizures;
- Increased urination;
- Irregular pulse;
- Spasms of the lips, jaw, arms, legs, face, tongue, or any other body part;
- Vision problems;
- Yellowing of the eyes or skin;

Reglan side effects that you should report to your health care professional or doctor as soon as possible:
- Restlessness;
- Fatigue;
- Drowsiness;

Reglan Overdose

Reported Reglan overdose symptoms are:
- Agitation;
- Confusion;
- Drowsiness;
- Irritability;
- Neck muscle spasms;
- Tremor;
- Uncontrollable movements of the legs face arms or tongue;

Reglan Other Brand Names

In some countries Reglan may also be known as:
- Afipran;
- Aristopramida;
- Biclomet;
- Cerucal;
- Clopra;
- Clorimet-Z;
- Dibertil;
- Docmetoclo;
- Emetic;
- Emperal;
- Eucil;
- Eudiges;
- Fluccil;
- Fonderyl;
- Gastrobid Continus;
- Gastronerton;
- Gastrosil;
- Gastro-Timelets;
- Gigemet;
- Hemibe;
- Hopram;
- H-Peran;
- Intensol;
- Itan;
- Lizarona;
- Maril;
- MCP;
- Metalon;
- Metoc;
- Metoclopramide;
- Metoclosan;
- Metogastron;
- Midatenk;
- Midetol;
- Mipramid;
- Mygdalon;
- Novomit;
- No-Vomit;
- Paspertin;
- Perinorm;
- Plagex;
- Plamida;
- Plamidasil;
- Plasil;
- Polcotec;
- Pradex;
- Pramilem;
- Pramin;
- Praux;
- Primavera-N;
- Primperan;
- Primperil;
- Prokinyl;
- Reclomide;
- Reliveran;
- Rilaquin;
- Rupemet;
- Saften;
- Sintegran;
- Vominorm;

Reglan Dosage.


Symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux

The usual dose is 10 mg to 15 mg of Reglan, up to 4 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal and at bedtime, depending upon the symptoms being treated and the effectiveness of the dose. Treatment usually lasts no longer than 12 weeks.

If symptoms occur only intermittently or at specific times of the day, your doctor may give you a single dose of up to 20 mg as a preventive measure.

Symptoms Associated with Diabetic Gastroparesis or Gastric Stasis

The usual dose is 10 mg 30 minutes before each meal and at bedtime for 2 to 8 weeks.


Relief of Symptomatic Gastroesophageal Reflux

Older adults may need only 5 mg per dose.
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