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Although Stromectol is commonly referred to as Ivermectin, physicians from all over the world are familiar with Stromectol. Stromectol has gained its fame among the wide class of drugs that are known as anti-parasite medicines that it belongs to. A treatment with such a medication is known to trigger the death of certain harmful parasitic organisms in the patient's body.
Stromectol is a medical product that is prescribed with confidence by sufferers of a lot of forms of infections that are caused by various parasites. Your physician will probably also tell you that Stromectol could also serve some other medical purposes that have not been listed here. If you have doubts concerning the reason for which you are using Stromectol, we recommend you to ask your doctor.


Before your doctor is able to safely prescribe you Stromectol he will ask you if you are suffering from any other medical disorders, especially liver medical conditions. It is important for each patient to know that an organism who suffers from liver disorders might harmfully respond to a therapy with Stromectol. This is why such patients are not allowed to use Stromectol and they have to consider undergoing other types of therapies. However, if a treatment with Stromectol is vital for a certain patient, he might be given several lower doses of Stromectol, under the direct and strict supervision of his or her medical provider and of a specialist in liver medical conditions.
During your therapy with Stromectol you ought to avoid consuming any sort of products that are known to contain even small amounts of alcohol, as this increases several of Stromectol's most severe side effects.
Stromectol is known to be a category C FDA pregnancy medical product. Therefore, it is known that a growing fetus could be severely harmed if the carrying mother is using Stromectol. This is why Stromectol is contraindicated in the case of female patients who are pregnant or who consider the possibility of becoming pregnant soon. Furthermore, female patients who want to use Stromectol ought to be extra careful in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (they should use a reliable contraceptive method).

Intake Guidelines

In order to avoid, as much as you possibly can, experiencing the unpleasant symptoms that are known to sometimes shadow Stromectol's benefic effects you should discuss with your doctor and build up together a safe and easy dosage schedule. If you have doubts or questions regarding the proper administration method of Stromectol, or if you feel that you are in need of further tips and tricks, you should refer to a nurse or to a pharmacist. The product's label is generally incomplete, yet it remains a very reliable source of information regarding Stromectol.
In order to avoid experiencing gastric complications, a dose of Stromectol should be taken in with liquid (juice, water, and so on). Patients who do not have a strict food schedule need not worry about their gastric health, as Stromectol is not known to be a stomach irritant. This means that they may take their doses of this on an empty stomach, as well as on a full one. During your therapy with Stromectol we recommend you to attend each and every one of your scheduled appointments with your physician; these are utterly important, as you will have to undergo several clinical tests (for example, stool samples) to see whether the medicine is working properly.


It is safest to acquire the correct dose of Stromectol that is supposed to suit the severity of your medical condition (as well as other factors) best from your doctor. If you are following a long term therapy with Stromectol and you fear that your initial dose of Stromectol no longer works as well as it prescribed to, or if you are unhappy / unsatisfied with your dosing schedule (if you are unable to stick to it, as it disturbs your daily routine) you should contact your personal physician and work up a solution.


Sufferers of Stromectol over dosage must be given immediate professional medical attention. An overdose with Stromectol is known to generally trigger symptoms such as the following: skin rash, headache, swelling, dizziness, nausea, weakness, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea, shortness of breath, seizure (convulsions), and tingling and / or numbness.

Missed Dose

As Stromectol is generally prescribed only once, a missed dose of Stromectol is highly unlikely to occur. However, if you are caught in a long term therapy with Stromectol and are on a strict dosing schedule you should take into consideration the following: it is very important to try and take your prescribed doses of Stromectol at their proper time. If you fail to remember taking them, you might find an alarm extremely helpful.

Side Effects

Stromectol's severe effects are:
- Bowel and / or urinary problems;
- Confusion, weakness, lack of coordination;
- Eye swelling, redness, or pain;
- Seizure (convulsions);
- Symptoms of an allergic reaction to Stromectol's ingredients (hives; throat closure; difficulty breathing; swelling of your tongue, lips, or face);
- Vision changes;

Stromectol's less severe but much more common side effects are:
- Dizziness;
- Nausea, diarrhea;
- Skin rash and / or itching;
- Swelling of your ankles, hands, or feet;
- Tenderness and / or swelling of your lymph nodes;


Ask your personal health care specialist if you may use other medicines during your therapy with Stromectol - this includes non script medication.

Other Brand Names

In some countries Stromectol may also be known as:
- Dermopero;
- Ivermec;
- Ivexterm;
- Mectizan;
- Revectina;
- Securo;
- Vermectil;
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