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Tinaderm No Prescription

At this point, the exact mechanism of action is not known however studies have shown that Tinaderm causes hyphae distortion and mycelial growth stunting in susceptible fungi.
If you have been prescribed a treatment course with Tinaderm and are unsure why, it is best to check with your prescriber for more details.
Tinaderm is a topical medicine based on Tolnaftate, a broad spectrum antifungal substance with high effectiveness in the treatment of such medical conditions as cutaneous yeast and fungal infections.
Tinaderm is commonly employed either in monotherapy or in combination with other medicines in the treatment of tinea pedis, tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea manuum and tinea barbae.
Tinaderm may be prescribed for other superficial fungal infections of the skin as well, and it may be employed as part of the treatment or prevention of other medical affections. Your prescriber can provide you with additional information regarding the possible uses of this medicine.
Tolnaftate is a synthetic, nonsensitizing thiocarbamate agent, highly efficient in the treatment of superficial cutaneous fungal infections.

Tinaderm Contraindications

Certain medical conditions may require special adjustments to your medication dosage or, if the pre-existing damage is severe, you may not be able to start using Tinaderm at all.
If you are pregnant or if you are breast feeding a baby, it is best that you check with your personal health care specialist in order to determine if a treatment course with this pharmaceutical product is appropriate and to weigh the benefits of the therapy against the possible risks.
It is best that you let your prescriber know of any affections you are currently suffering from, and make sure that he or she is familiar with your medical history.
Some past or current medical conditions may affect your Tinaderm therapy course.
This medicine may not be recommended for children younger than 2 years of age - although in special circumstances the pediatrician may decide to administer small doses of this medicine under strict medical supervision.
Tinaderm may not be employed as part of the medication treatment in the case of patients with a known or suspected hypersensitivity to Tolnaftate or to any of the other excipients of the solution.
Tinaderm may not be suitable for use during pregnancy or lactation.

Tinaderm Intake Guidelines

Before applying the Tinaderm solution, cleanse the area of skin to be treated with warm water and soap, and use a clean towel to dry the area thoroughly. This product may only be prescribed externally, and it should be applied on the skin in small amounts. Massage the area until the medicine is absorbed into the skin, and wash your hands again after each application. At all times, avoid contact with the eyes, the inside of the nose or the mouth. While following a treatment course with Tinaderm, you should wear well fitting clothes and shoes that allow proper ventilation. Do not cover the treated area of skin with bandages or tight clothing unless your prescriber specifically tells you to do so. If no improvement is visible after 10 days of therapy, inform your personal health care professional.

Tinaderm Dosage

In some cases, your prescriber may direct a different dosage, number of daily applications or therapy duration than the ones stated above. It is strongly recommended that you follow your prescriber's instructions as the dosage is determined based on several factors that are particular to your situation. With each Tinaderm application, you should use a small quantity of the solution, enough to completely cover the area. The solution should be applied twice daily. The therapy may last for two to four weeks, or more in the case of severe or chronic affections.

Tinaderm Overdose

If you accidentally get Tinaderm solution in your eyes or on the inside of your nose or mouth, you should immediately wash it away with clean water. Tinaderm is a pharmaceutical preparation available for external use only. You should not administer this medical product orally. If you happen to ingest any quantity of this solution, it is best that you immediately contact the local poisons center. If the situation is severe, go to the nearest clinic or hospital as emergency medical assistance may be needed.

Tinaderm Missed Dose

Apply any missed Tinaderm doses immediately when you remember if less than two hours have passed since your regular application time. However, if it has been more than two hours, it is best that you skip the missed application and resume your normal medication schedule. In such situations you should ensure that you do not miss any more doses of your medication. Under no circumstances are you to use a double dose of Tinaderm solution to make up for a missed dose, unless your dermatologist specifically directs you to do so.

Tinaderm Side Effects

Some patients may experience an allergic reaction to this medicine. If you begin experiencing any of the characteristic symptoms you should immediately discontinue the therapy and consult with your personal health care specialist. As long as it is prescribed according to the prescriber's specifications, Tinaderm should not cause any adverse reactions as it is a non-toxic pharmaceutical product. However, in some cases irritation may occur; symptoms such as redness, scaling, pruritus, postulation and increased inflammatory response have been noted.

Tinaderm Interactions

This medicine is not expected to interact with other drugs and medications. However, accidental reactions between this medicine and other topical products (topical medication, cosmetics or toiletries) applied to the same area of skin are possible. In order to avoid any possible reactions it is best that you do not use any products on the affected area of skin within two hours of a Tinaderm application.
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